I am an OU student studying a creative writing course and the posts here are mostly written in response to activities.

I am, like my blog, still under construction. Some days I get a glimpse of who I really am and feel that I might be able to complete an ‘about me’ page….but then I close that book and open another and become a completely different character. For now you will have to be content with a few facts…

I am a mother of almost grown up twin boys (what and when is  grown up?). I like cycling ( not the fast, lycra clad kind, just the not sitting in traffic for hours-on-end, clogging up the ozone kind). I talk a lot unless I am reading..then I become a recluse. I live in the south of England and should by now have acquired a degree in procrastination.

I usually clean my kitchen when assignments are due.

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