At the Day School we had to create a character from a colour who then wrote a letter expressing strong emotion to another character. My character, a 6ft 5 dreadlocked youth, wrote to his mother, a shallow character obsessed with her own appearance, who had abandoned him many years earlier. Later, I decided to rewrite the original letter as a poem.


An appellation undeserved.

By now you have another name

One I’ve never known

or heard.


I write not in expectation,

For me, you have


to give.

I write that you will not forget,

nor live in peace

you don’t deserve.

I write to say

that for the stolen years,

you are not forgiven.


As I sit here,

in this borrowed room,

upon the bed I stood in line for,

shaken by the passing trains,

and count the change

I begged for,

I know there is no escape.

From this life or you.


Your unloved son.